Wednesday, August 29, 2012

4 Reasons Women Choose The Wrong Guy Part 2


Continuing last week’s topic surrounding the reasons women choose the wrong guy. Here is Part 2..........

Timing- My friend and I were discussing relationships and he mentioned the importance of timing. Where you're at emotionally and mentally is very important. How are things at work/ home? Have you just come out of a bad relationship? If you’re not in the right space emotionally you won't be thinking clearly and are more likely to fall head over heels in love for the wrong reasons.

Lack of Focus- when you don't have any life plans or goals you’re likely to feel lost like a leaf blowing in the wind with no sense of direction. You may find that you rely heavily on your partner to give you some sense of meaning. Your partner can enhance your life but shouldn't be the main focus for everything you do. You should be living your own life not someone else’s.

Repeating Family Patterns- This is so important! We fail to realise how much we have a tendency to repeat history. You might find that you go for guys that remind you of your unavailable father. Maybe it's a family tradition to date controlling high tempered men/women. We often make decisions without knowing what's driving us. Not recognizing that we've taken on an unconscious belief that we can repeat some patterns with the hope that love will reveal a happy ending.

Fear of the Future- You become anxious about the future without any mate. Making decisions based on fear will never well. It will lead to a loss of confidence, a sense of neediness and you clinging onto the person who isn't right for you. Don’t let the fear of being alone push you into settling with the wrong person.

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