Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4 Reasons Women Choose The Wrong Guy Part 1

I've always stated that a woman’s intuition is like no other.  When it comes to relationships we usually have a good sense of what’s going on. We’ve had at least one failed relationship which should have allowed us to gain some experience, confirming what we do and don’t want in the future. Our self-worth should have grown and respect is no longer just a song we sing along too but something we give and expect from our men.

We know the kind of guy we want yet life gets in the way and we end up settling and convincing ourselves that the rotten behavior he’s displaying isn’t that bad. The Huffington Post released an encouraging piece listing 10 reasons women remarry the wrong guy. After reading the article I decided to integrate some of the points and list 4 reasons women choose the wrong man. Look out for Part 2 next week.

Desperation- Everyone else is in a relationship and settling down. You’re getting older and are constantly reminded that time is not on your side. You want it now and feel that patience is getting you nowhere. So you take matters into your own hands and compromise what really matters to you. The beliefs and standards that once meant so much have been pushed aside.

Low self-esteem - If your self-esteem is low you’ll run into the arms of someone who may not treat you right and more than likely their self- esteem will be just as low. If your self-worth is low you won’t believe that you’re truly worth the love and respect you deserve. Don’t underestimate the type of signals, body language that you give off.

Obsession- We put people on pedestals and views their shortcomings as nothing less than perfection. Obsessing over a guy is not a sign of love.  This kind of behavior will have you overlooking destructive qualities and traits that could lead to hurt and pain further into the relationship.

Rushing into intimacy- People often mistake lust for love. Once you start having sex it can blur the lines very fast. We no longer think straight and get in too deep, believing we have a form of control over the situation when we don’t. The intimacy then becomes a drug that we can’t give up and sex becomes the foundation of a good relationship.  Take the intimacy away and you’ll sometimes find that there’s nothing left but a physical attraction.  

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