Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 Reasons Why He Won't Call.

Have you wondered why a guy acts interested upon meeting you but doesn't call. HE asks for your number and then doesn’t call you. What is that about? Why bother asking for the number if you have no intention of calling right? Not only is this frustrating, it can leave some women in a state of confusion. Check out the 6 reasons why men don’t call.

1. They lost your phone number or forgot to call. Some men are unorganized or a member of the procrastination club. When they do retrieve your number or remember to call so much time has passed that they feel they can’t call you now.

2. Some men do it for an ego boost. Part of the process can be an exchange of phone numbers. Ego stroking is an extremely addictive habit to men. Subconsciously knowing that a woman out there is waiting on your call can be flattering to some men. Some would call this game playing.

3. Not all men are as confident as they’ll have you believe. Underneath the bravado some are inexperienced and haven’t been emotionally close to a woman before. I.e. they’ll have a great date and want to maintain the high feeling. Because this experience doesn’t happen often they are scared to continue interactions with you through fear of messing things up. Instead of taking a risk and seeing where the friendship could potentially go they’d rather play it safe and reminisce on the memories no matter how brief the encounter was.

4. Sometimes men will get your number just in case their situation changes. Just in case they get bored. Curiosity can get the best of us. It’s good to get the number in case they get some random urge or reason to call you in the future. Plus, getting a woman's number is a kind of like a "trophy" to show to other immature men.

5. They just wanted a booty call and you didn’t fit the criteria, which isn’t a bad thing! Where you meet a man can sometimes determine what a guy is looking for. I don’t want to generalise but I’ve never met any of my exes in a night club. This isn’t impossible and I know people who have met their partners at raves. However how many of these relationships stand the test of time compared to meeting in a different setting. Most time when you go to a club/bar men have come out with the idea of ‘hooking up’. While you may be a great woman his mindset is in ‘hooking up’ mode. Yes he may take your number but then realise that you’re not actually what he wants at this moment in time.

6. They thought they were being polite by getting your number. Conversation’s flowing; you seem to hit it off, great similarities. Sometimes when a guy has a great time with you they feel obliged to get your phone number. I guess it seems like a kind way to end the conversation compared to a take care and goodbye. Remember not every man is as forthright and assertive as you’d like.

I guess the bottom line is, it’s no onus on the women. An attracted man will get over the game playing, the immaturity and the busy lifestyle to call you. If not then as the book/ film states he’s just no that into you.  

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  1. Hi I was just looking into this topic and came across your post. I think I know why the guy didn't call, I mentioned a mutual friend and either he wanted my # for a booty call or he felt it was too familiar too soon. But being he went out of his way to ask me for it it's bugged me ever since so the closest thing to asking him directly is seeing what others have experienced online:)


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