Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Dying

Break ups are never easy but we know within ourselves when its time to call it a day. There’s nothing worse than stalling and second guessing whether to call your relationship quits. If your intuition is telling you to get out and you’re no longer happy then you need to follow your gut instinct.
The end of a relationship doesn’t always occur due to a person being treated badly. It may just be that you weren't compatible and that relationship has run its course. There’s a difference between being in a relationship rut and a dead end relationship. Below are a few red flags that may confirm your relationship is coming to an end.

1. Lack of Respect.
Can you imagine your partner swearing at you at a family gathering? No neither can I, because that would mean that he doesn't value me or care about my feelings. If your partner doesn’t respect your dreams, feelings or beliefs then they're not accepting you for who you are.
Respect is an important factor within everyday life, especially in our relationships. It shows an element of understanding and value for each others boundaries. Without respect your relationship will NOT survive. No ones want to feel belittled by their partner or spoken to impolitely. Not only is it embarrassing but it enforces that one person has stopped acknowledging the other persons values. It drives people to continually talk negative to one another other and will probably put you on the defensive even when you don’t need to be.

2. No time for each other
There's no excuse for not making time for your spouse. If your partner can't make time for you on a regular basis then you’re no longer a priority in their life. I understand we are busier than ever and we no longer work 'normal' working hours but this is where you need to make some adjustments and find a balance.
If your partner chooses to not make time for you then they may have lost interest in the relationship. They may be hiding behind work or other distractions to avoid confronting the issues at hand. Time investment is important to all relationships as it shows that both parties are making an effort.

3. Incompatible Goals
Having mismatched goals can cause you to drift apart? Do you want a big family? Do you hope to get married? Do you plan to travel the world? Incompatible goals can be a deal breaker depending how big or small they are. This is where communication is vital as you’ll need to discuss whether you are heading towards the same goal. Some differences can't be overcome and this may be a sign that your relationship is dying a slow death.

4. Constant Bickering.
All relationships need a healthy dose of arguments but when they overshadow everything else it’s not a good sign. According to the netdoctor, constant petty bickering tends to be a habit couples fall into to avoid larger, more painful issues. While angry and abusive fights show that consideration and thoughtfulness have disappeared from your relationship.
If you can’t speak to each other in a civil manner even after the argument has ended then you may have to call it quits. You can’t have effective communication when neither party is listening and trying to shout over one another. If you can’t compromise and meet a middle background the relationship will end up going one sided. One partner will always get their own way leading to resentment and the bond between you breaking.

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