Monday, July 11, 2011

8 Secrets That Men Keep

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a mans head? What he really thinks of your new hair cut? Does he like excessive Public Displays of Affection? We'll never know what men are thinking unless they're honest enough to express their feelings. Rich Santos kindly offered an insight of secrets that men keep . Below are a few golden nuggets from his two piece article.

1. Sometimes Timing Is More Important Than You Are. It's all about what's going on in a guys mind and life when they run into you. Regardless of how great you are, your both single, ambitious, like minded etc. If the timings bad you can't force a guy to date you. If a guys not ready to date....he's not ready to date. Once a guy has got everything else together in his life then he may be ready to take it to the next level with you.

2. Men Are Sensitive About Their Weight. I felt a surge of relief when I read this. I was talking to a work colleague who said that he felt guilty if he doesn't go to the gym. Regardless of your sex the older you get the harder it is too shift that excess weight. Unless your blessed with a fast metabolism. Men worry about their weight just like we do and hate to think that their clothes don't fit them properly. I just think their less vocal about it. Women worry about their stomachs, hips and thighs, men worry about moobs and their bellies. Men are just as sensitive when you tell them they've put on weight they just conceal their feelings better.

3. They Say They'll Call Even If They Don't Mean It. The 'I'll call you later' line seems to be second nature to men. It's the obvious thing to say before goodbye it seems. Men say what they think we want to hear plus it sounds nice. At that very moment most guys probably do have the intention to call but things get in the way, or they simply forget. Sometimes they don't feel like calling after a few hours have passed. While I believe it's better to not say nothing at all, men will still end a conversation with I'll call you later.....oh well.

4. Heavy Make Up Is A Turn Off. I've had male friends ask me what I've got on my face, when it's quite obvious it's make up. This was their indirect way of saying I don't lie your make-up. I guarantee the majority of men prefer a natural look than a heavily made up face. They don't take too well to garish colours, excessive application or a botched attempt at a good make up technique i.e. a smoky eye that's gone terribly wrong. Less is more ladies. No one wants the embarrassment of hugging a guy to find that you've left your foundation on his shirt.....ooops!

5. Men put pressure on themselves to get married. Where women feel pressure because of their biological clock, men feel it in a different sense. They fear their appearance and their A game (lines, tactics) fading the older they get. No one wants to be left on the shelf, don't let these men fool you. When all his male friends are married of course that guy will wonder what's wrong. When am I going to settle down and find me a wifey? While men are spoiled for choice in the women department, finding that one lady that you hope to spend the rest of your life with can be quite challenging.

6. Leave your baggage at the door. Now we all have issues that we're constantly working on. However no man wants to be constantly punished for the wrongs your ex made. Guys don't mind helping their girlfriends out with emotional issue but if it's apparent too early in the relationship you may find him running for the hills.

7. (Some) Men Are Afraid Of Commitment. Commitment to some men means that the woman they have settled down with is perfect and there is no one else out there for them. They have found their soul mate and are completely secure within themselves. Now it may sound nice on paper but to some guys that is pretty heavy stuff. Commitment is a sign of maturity and it takes some men longer than others to get to this place.

8. They Pretend To Listen. Some of us can talk for England when we're ready but men tend to switch off after a certain point and they use a number of methods to make you believe they're listening. I.e. The nod, the eye contact manoeuvre, repeating your last sentence and the carefully timed question that relates to the last 5 words you said. Men like you to get to the point and after a while your voice just sounds like white noise. As Rich Santos said you need to have intro, a middle and an end.

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