Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Self Reflection Is Important.

Self- Awareness is necessary within all aspects of life. In order to grow it’s essential to have an understanding of your emotions and personality traits. Throughout my course the words self- awareness has become a recurring theme. It’s imperative for counsellors to have a sense of self before they try and counsel others. I also believe it’s important for everyday life.

Self-awareness is a little like goal setting. It not only focuses on your strengths but your weaknesses. How can you expect to have good relationships if you haven’t addressed your personality traits? I.e. are you an introvert, judgemental or sensitive? What are your values, integrity, punctuality, religious beliefs? All these factors will go on to have an effect your romantic interactions if they haven’t being acknowledged let alone discussed. Whilst it won't make some of your behavioural traits acceptable it will help you and your partner have a better understanding.

After visiting my Counsellor last week she pointed out that I answer questions in a brief manner and don’t show my emotions. I got a little defensive and tried to dismiss it by not being comfortable considering it was our second meeting. Upon reflection I realised that I am selective with who I open up too. Yet I’m pretty sure in past relationships I’ve demanded great communication yet haven’t reciprocated it. This is just one of my flaws and it’s important that I acknowledge them. As there’s a danger I may push people away or have a lack of trust within relationships. Some of us choose to ignore our flaws. However in order to have successful relations you need to know your imperfections.

No ones perfect, I’m sure not and to be honest I wouldn’t want to be. But I’m pretty certain it can only help your relationships if you know how you behave. I identify that I can be moody; I love my own space, can be defensive and over sensitive at the best of times. The point is that I’m becoming more self-aware. We’ve heard the saying old habits die hard. Doesn’t mean that some of them can’t die though or at least not be so evident. Being self- aware involves a level of responsibility that some of us don’t want to admit.

When you begin to realise who you are, why you do the things you do and the way you do them. I believe that you will be more at peace with yourself and go on to have better relationships. I’m still a works in progress and this is something I’m challenged to do on a weekly basis within my course.

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