Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Reasons Why Men Don't Want To Get Married.

Due to popular belief society will have us believe that men are dragged down the altar kicking and screaming. Not all men think like this, some have always envisioned marriage and just wanted to wait for the right woman to come along. It could be that sudden light switch moment…ah-hah, I want to marry this woman. It could be a near death experience that pushes him up the aisle. I know a guy that proposed to his girlfriend after falling sick, it seems his illness pushed him to that next level of commitment.Then there’s those that have no desire to ever walk down the aisle.

Here are 5 reasons why some men don’t want to get married….

1. They can get sex without marriage. Society has changed big time and values have dropped. Some women use sex in the hope that it will persuade men to settle down and marry them. With more competition women feel sex is the ticket to get a man. We've all heard the saying ‘why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free’. You've got to think about what you want/ are hoping to gain from a relationship. I know it seems like slim pickings but there are men out there that will stick around without any sex whilst dating. If they don’t and it’s something of importance to you then find a guy that will.

2. They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by living together rather than marrying. I know many couples that live together and it works well for them. It goes back to what you want out of your relationship and the importance of your principles. Some women wouldn’t dream of cohabiting before marriage. Men can get too comfortable with this set up and don’t see a need for marriage if you’re already living a ‘marital life’. If he’s not in that place mentally he won’t be ready for marriage. He may be thinking we already live together, share the car, have children. What’s getting married going to do/ change? Those cohabiting may find that you slide into marriage because it’s the obvious thing to do. Not because you want that next level of commitment. PS If you feel you need to test living together before marriage then maybe it's a sign your not ready for it?

3. You apply too much pressure. A lot of women spend too much time focusing on the nuptials and get carried away with the day itself. Women see commitment as the finish line in their lives. Some of us want to get married and we want to do it ASAP. Exerting pressure on your other half won’t help matters. It just causes headache and will make him resent having certain conversations. This kind of pressure can have the opposite effect and may have your man digging his heels in further. Ideally you would have discussed  the issue early on to see whether you share the same values and if marriage is something you BOTH foresee in the future.

4. They fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromisesMarriage is full of compromise and commitment like any relationship. It’s not 70/30 but 50/50 in which each half shares equally. Unfortunately some women get a bit of a power trip once the ring is on their finger. For some of us marriage brings a new level of expectations and they can come across indirectly in your words and behavior. Even the way you talk about marriage and the life after can be an indication of what you’re expecting from your partner. No man want's to feel like you’re going to try and change them.

5. They face few social pressures to get marriedThere’s less pressure on people to get married. The options are limitless allowing people to bide their time before making a decision. Some men feel they can afford to wait for the ‘perfect woman’, concentrate on their careers, save to buy a house or actively play the field.



  1. Well based on my observation the same applies to a woman too......that they also do have reasons why they would not like to marry. Lets say every individual has the right to his/her own decisions.

    There is always a reason behind every act of a human being.

    As a woman and speaking for myself, I would not persue a relationship if my b/f would not want to marry me. Living under one room with a man
    you are not married too, would be come unpleasant in the long run. As a human being you become insecure that he does not belong
    entirly to you, and that he could just take off at any given moment in time...and with this in mind men take their women for granted. But if a man is married to a woman he becomes more responsible in fulfilling his partners needs and desires, and makes it a point to understand her
    eve\n though she may be difficult at times. In
    marriage there is a spiritual bond. The desire of a woman is much more intense while she starts to fulfil her responsibility as wife and she cares for him in a different fondness than a woman who just livies in with a man.

    On the other hand some men fear of loosing their freedom if they get tied down in marriage, but that is where most of them are wrong. In any serious relationship, the space automatically comes in and there is no need to remind your partner about it.

    Men who tend to stay single are not brave enough to face another challenge of getting married again... as they must have had an unpleasant term of their so called marrige. well no one can blame them...its their decision.

    1. Another femminazi who start to talk about herself just to judge men in the end..


      An intelligent man, TODAY, get nothing from a marriage but a free ticket to the cleaner if he doesn't submit to her femminazi wife.

      No thanks, i brave enought to face each danger in my life (im a Policeman) but marriage as it is today is not worth ANY risks!

  2. There are also men such as myself who see no point in getting married because we love the way our lives are right now. What great thing can possibly come from marriage? I hear from most of my male friends who are married that had they known what marriage would bring, they would never gone forth with it. I work hard, I play hard, I adventure the world, I do all the things I love to do, all the time. Why ruin that with something like marriage? Luckily, there are a lot of women who also enjoy the adventure without getting mixed up about it. The rest of the women out there who need someone to "complete" them should take a look in the mirror and figure out how to "complete" themselves first. Then maybe some of the guys you really want won't look at you like an energy vampire and run away screaming. I may meet a woman today that I will spend the rest of my days with, enjoying her company, laughing, adventuring, and enjoying life. But I'm not counting on it and live my life according to my passions.


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