Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trust Your Gut Instincts

It's important that men and women trust their gut instinct. I'm not suggesting you leave a relationship over your intuition. Just pay attention because after a while that little niggling voice inside your head will get louder. I met a guy who seemed to tick enough boxes for me, but something didn't quite add up. He was very attractive, worked hard, respectful, generous, charming, blah, blah, blah. The downside was that he lied about any and everything. Now whilst I couldn't prove it I just sensed that something wasn't right. Things eventually came to a head and my suspicions were proved right.

Or maybe the time when I thought an ex boyfriend of mine was cheating. My gut instinct had been screaming for a long time to get out but I stayed way longer than I should have. Surprise, surprise my suspicions were right. Why did I ignore my gut instincts? I guess it was a fear of my intuition being true. That this guy who claimed to care would lie to me on so many levels. Sometimes we’d rather be in denial about certain things. We don’t want to acknowledge or face up to the truth that something isn’t right. Fear I may loose this 'friendship', self-doubt, fear of bring alone, all of the above.

I think intuition is vital when dating/finding love. You can just feel/sense whether someone is good for you. To be honest there were alarm bells ringing with the above characters but I chose to ignore them hoping my gut was wrong. We have all the head/ heart debate. Do I go with what I feel in my heart, or the thoughts in my head?

Another reason we sometimes ignore out gut instinct is that our emotions get in the way. They sometimes cloud our judgement and affect our intuition. It's like our minds get all hazy and we're less accurate with that gut feeling. It blinds our rational at times and whilst our instincts are saying steer clear. Our emotions are craving for everything to be ok, for things to work out fine.

I guess the key is to trust your gut instinct a bit more. On the flip side if we didn't ignore our gut instinct once in a while we may have played it too safe and avoided certain relationships which at some point gave us a tinge of happiness. Not forgetting the all important experience that is necessary to grow and make better decisions in the future.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Hmm it depends

    I have never heard of anyone have a gut instinct that something good is going to happen in relationship. In my case (as a guy) when I’ve had gut instincts that something bad is going on I’ve been wrong. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great to keep your eyes open and we should be able to detect slight changes in relationships in order to keep things good, however in my experience “gut instincts” lead the person who has these alleged “instincts” to act different towards their partner for no other reason other than an unproven theory that something might be off..sometime ..somewhere and it is this which ultimately builds up and leads to a problem

  2. I reckon females are built in with an intuition and we choose to either listen to or completely ignore it.

    I was once told that when a man wants something or someone bad enough, they will fight to get/keep it. Most times our gut instincts tells us whether you are the person Mr X will fight Goliath for, lol. Honestly, I believe every man/woman know when something doesnt quite add up, women seem more likely to ignore it.

    I like what the guy above pointed out: nobody ever seems to have a gut instinct when something good is about to happen.


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